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How to install a Toilet step by step

July 3, 2022
6 min read

Let us teach you how to install your toilet, in the easiest and fastest way, just like a professional plumber would do. With our checklist explaining the process at each point, you will do it in the safest way. We will also tell you about the possible problems you may have in the installation and how you can solve it, you do not need experience or knowledge.

Step To Step

We recommend you to read the steps completely before starting and not to do it while doing the installation, later on you will be able to find a series of inconveniences that may arise and how to fix them. Knowing the errors or inconveniences, you can possibly avoid them before they happen.

In order to install your new toilet, you will most likely have to remove the old one, so if you have already done so, skip to the installation steps, otherwise continue reading in order to make the process easier and faster.

Removing the old one  

1.  The first step is to cut the water flow; Usually you can find the valve under the toilet, turn it off, try to flush it to know if the water is off. When you are sure the water is off, disconnect the water hose to the tank, but only if the water is off. If the water is still on, find the main valve in the house and shut off the flow of water to the entire house while you finish the installation.

2.  Remove the tank cap; This with the intention of not breaking it when it is time to remove the toilet.

3.  Take out the water; After flushing, remove the remaining water from the tank and inside the bowl with a sponge or towel, this will make the toilet not so heavy when lifting it.

4.  Unscrew the toilet; Remove the covers of the screws and the screws, it is possible that around the base of the toilet there is silicone, so you will have to cut it with a knife, very carefully and without touching the floor so as not to cut it.

5.  Remove the toilet; Position yourself so that you can grab the toilet to lift it without hurting your back, remember to prepare the space around you where you will place the old toilet, always keep it straight to prevent the water inside the toilet bowl from leaking out below, you can use a plastic bag as a base to put the toilet.

6.  Cleans the drain; It is possible that the old grease ring is still in the drain, so with a putty knife remove the grease without dropping anything into the drain including the old bolts. 

Installing the new one 

1.  Install the bolts and wax ring; Make sure that the flange (Drain connection) is not broken and center the new screws so that they are aligned horizontally and the grease ring is right in the center of the drain.

2.  Install the toilet bowl; Hold the toilet with both hands, hold it straight from the top and gently put it on the screws so that the screws go into the holes in the base, gently support it until you feel the grease has squashed and sealed.

3.  Tighten the screws; Once the toilet is in position, start to tighten the base screws until you can feel that the toilet will not move from its place, don’t tighten too much as you can break the base or the screws.

4.  Assemble the toilet; To assemble the rest of the toilet I recommend reading the instruction manual that is included since there are many different types and brands of toilets.

5.  Connect the water; Connect the water hose to the toilet tank as it was before, tighten it with your hand tightly until it is well connected and don’t use any tools since these connections are usually made of plastic and can break.

6.  Turn on Water; Turn on the water flow and once the water tank is full, flush the toilet.

7.  Silicone sealed; You are sure that the toilet works and everything is correct, use a little silicone to seal the toilet to the floor, this will help prevent water from passing from the outside to the inside every time you wash the bathroom floor.

Possible inconveniences and how to fix

We have identified some very common problems that can complicate the installation of the toilet, these usually occur due to the deterioration of the connections or the incorrect installation of the toilet, but don’t worry, in this section we’ll show you how you can solve it in the best way.

1.  Flange broken; The drain connection is broken and you can't put the screws in.

2.  Flange out of level; Toilet connection is too low from ground level or too high.

3.  Water comes out under the toilet every time it’s flushed; You have installed the toilet completely but water comes out from underneath every time you flush. 

There are other types of inconveniences that you may encounter, but if there was already a toilet before, it is likely that they are not very serious and these are the most common.

Now we’ll talk about the possible solutions that exist for these problems.

1.  If the toilet flange is broken you should not install the toilet, it will never fit no matter how hard you tighten the screws and it will move causing water leaks.
To repair it you need to get a clam toilet flange steel ring, Place it on the broken part, center it and screw it with a drill making the screws go through the ground and not only catch on the broken part, so that it does not move.

2.  The Flange of the toilet must be on the finished floor of the bathroom and not below or higher.
After having removed an old toilet it is more likely to find a low flange and not a high one since when the flange is high it is not possible to connect the toilet.

If you have a flange below the finished bathroom floor, there are other types of thicker wax rings that fill the space between the toilet and the flange, allowing it to seal and prevent leaks.

3.  You have followed all the steps, you have already installed the toilet but when you flushed water comes out from under the toilet bowl. Possibly, the wax ring has moved and you need to remove the toilet again and use a new wax. Once you remove the toilet make sure that the flange is not too low (out of level).


We know and believe that you can install your new toilet following these simple steps, just make sure you read this blog very well before starting, so you will have more chances of success.

If you think we can help you, you can leave us a message and schedule a video call at no cost, we will try to guide you through the process or answer your questions. You can also schedule a visit if you are within our coverage areas and we will install the toilet for you at an excellent price.


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