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How to know, find and what to do if I have a water leak

July 7, 2022
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There are certain facts that indicate that we possibly have a water leak at home, among them are; Expensive water bill, mold, damp and running water noises. A water leak can completely destroy a part of your house, which is why it is considered an emergency and must be addressed as soon as possible. We will talk a little more in detail about how to identify a water leak, the types of leaks, how to detect it and what to do in such a case.

Types of Leak and how to identify

We consider that there are two types of water leak; 1) in drains, or 2) in clean water pipes

1. Drain Leak

In these cases, the leak is usually not constant, if a drain pipe is broken or poorly connected, it only leaks when the water is used. For example, if the leak is under a sink, you will be able to see or feel the water every time you use the sink.
One way to know if you have a leak in your drain is the stains that appear on the ceiling, under the bathrooms and water systems on the upper floors of your home. These spots appear progressively over time, taking on a dark hue.

Small large puddles of water smelling of drainage on the floor, Water coming out under the toilet, bathtub or any other water fixture every time you use it.

2. Water Leak

The safest way to know if you have a water leak is to check the water meter that is located outside the house facing the street, this meter has a large metal cover, open it and carefully observe if the red needle of the water meter moves (turns around) when nobody inside the house is using the water, if the meter is electronic you will see how the numbers move according to the magnitude of the leak. If the meters don't change or move, you may not have a water leak, but if you're not sure, check with your local plumber.

If you have confirmed a leak through meter one you can see signs of water in any corner of your house, by this I mean wet walls, ceilings and floors. Choose to check all the water systems that are within your reach. We have found a very common leak that occurs in toilets, when the water passes slowly from the tank at the rate through small openings that are formed by the wear of the parts. Check under each sink, touch the water connections, stop valves, hoses and make sure they are not wet. Check the faucets outside in the garden, check around your yard in case it is the main line that comes from the meter to your house. If the leak is in places inaccessible to you, you will quickly notice it, since water will accumulate.

What to do if I have a water leak?

In general, leaks are emergencies and must be attended to as soon as possible, particularly water leaks, since they can cause great damage and loss. In the case of drains there is very little that a person without plumbing knowledge can do, so the best option is to call your trusted plumber, something that someone without plumbing knowledge can do is change or adjust the drain under the sinks (p-trap), because they are accessible and do not require the use of special tools.

When it comes to water leaks, the first thing you should do is locate the stopcock that supplies water to the systems or accessories and close it, so that the flow to the leak stops until it is repaired. The stopcocks are usually found under each fixture, in the sinks you will find them inside the cabinet.

If the leak is inside the walls, in main water lines, the best option is to shut off the entire house from the inside or from the meter outside, until it can be fixed by someone with plumbing knowledge.


There are two types of water leak that are; by drainage and clean water. Once the problem has been identified, checking each area and plumbing system, cut off the flow of water by closing stopcocks and stopping using the water until it is repaired. Always have the contact of your trusted plumber within reach since you never know when you will need it.

There are certain devices that can help you locate a water leak at the time it occurs and in some devices even cut off the flow of water to avoid damage, these devices can be installed in your plumbing system and you can get them at the amazon online store or at your nearest plumbing store

Emergencies don't wait and that's why we'll give you free phone or video help whenever you need it. If you think we can help you fix your leak, schedule an immediate visit and we'll do it for you as soon as possible.


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